Kalte Nacht's debut album is a total sold-out from our label.
You can get the last copies from the band itself @ https://kaltenacht.bandcamp.com/releases/ or you can visit Le Disque Noir Records Shop and Young & Cold Records that stocked a small run of copies.
Hope to see you soon on stage darlings ♥


Announcement Vol.2 : After the new covid-19 measures (Xmas edition), the shitty situation will go on and the apocalyptic atmosphere is here to stay. Well, it's time to go back in time with our next release, presenting a band which depicts our dystopian society. The year is 1987, Ding An Sich emerged from the Athenian underground, played a lot of gigs, released a 7inch and evaporated (with this specific line-up) in 1992.
Their dark wave/gothic era will come to life 28 years after their catastrophic split, on December 17th, 2020, in 355 hand-numbered copies, 174 on transparent violet and 181 on classic black vinyl.


Some important announcements ; Vol.1 : A lot of people and record stores still searching for "Γεμάτος Αράχνες,Ρε Φίλε" / "Gematos Arahnes, Re File" LP after its super fast sold-out in November.
For your convenience we will have a 300 copies reprint in March 2021. Due to the covid-19 issues, the printing plant couldn't deliver it earlier than this.

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