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Geheimnis Records was founded in August 2010 by two friends - Panos Dread and Costas Anthopoulos. It's a small-indie record label, based in the centre of Athens, focusing on re-releases of lost and real hard to find sought-after records and cassettes. Our purpose is to reissue as many records as we can, of the so-called New Wave/Dark Wave Greek and international scene of the 80's and 90's and bring these obscure - and many times misunderstood - bands from bliss and darkness to the light and to people, who are seeking into old record stores and warehouses, just to find one piece at a time (and usually at a big cost.....). Somehow, the label's name has to do something with seeking lost treasures - you don't reveal it to anybody, you want it for yourself, because, probably you won't be able to find it again !!! So, it's a secret (in English), a GEHEIMNIS (in German), μυστικό (in Greek), a secret (in French). The difference is, that we know this secret -"geheimnis" and we want to share it with many many more people and not only with some "chosen" ones.... This is the story so far... and that's how the dream begins....

In December 2011, almost one year after its first appearance, Geheimnis Records has officially entered the era of involving with new artists and releases of the contemporary dark wave / new wave / minimal synth and experimental sound, linking the past with the future, the old with the new. And that's because rhythms and melodies haven't stopped produced all these years and talented artists always intrigued us and kept our interest alive. So, the philosophy of the label, considering its involvement with new artists, has evolved in its deep meaning, concerning the word "geheimnis - secret". It's no longer the secret that everyone knew and noone wanted to reveal, because he wanted it for himself, therefore our label reproduced this "secret", so that it won't be a "secret" anymore. This "reproduction" does not exist in this case. And the "secret" exists only in the very beginning... As long as the artist(s) - through our label - PRODUCES his work, the "secret" is gone... Something very new has always a potion of secrecy and the label's initial purpose was, and still is, to find and uncover "secrets / geheimnisse". And we love secrets and mystery, both new and old ones... See you soon, lost in music...

April 2013. New logo, new badge, new design for our site. A very big thank you to Sofi Incova ( for the beautiful drawing and Anthi Tsouvala ( for the dirty job to carry out our weird requests... we love you and wish the best for both of you !!

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