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Geheimnis Records proudly presents for its 10th release a band quite avant-garde, mythical and experimental.
Metallaktiki Epikindyni (Dangerous Mutagens) were not only a band, but a whole lot more... They represented the pulse and the underground activity of a city that challenged as equal Athens and Thessaloniki in musical innovation and live gigs. During the 80’s, Ioannina (capital of the north-west district of Epirus) had its own music scene with lots of bands (of the so-called alternative/new wave genre) that emerged in the early 80’s era (quite the same period as the Athenian bands had started their trip), and some persons from these bands continue to play music till today. Metallaktiki Epikindyni were pioneers in this effort. They were active between the years 1983 to 1985 and they released one long-cassette tape, entitled “Farmakio” (Pharmacy) and another one called “+5”. In 1985 they collaborated with some other bands from Ioannina and released the “0651” compilation in the famous cassette tape label called “Varka Tapes”. They performed at “Alsos”, at the “Campereio foundation” and at many more venues. Some members of the band later formed “Metallaktiki” and some others “Psigio – Psigio”. The members were : Maria Dinou, Dionisis Panos, Alecos Papadopoulos, Costas Stamatis, Costas Stavropoulos, Stauros Stavropoulos.
No picture of the band is preserved. After a long period of research some posters from a couple of gigs back in 1983 and 1985 were found and pictures of them are included in the edition.
The release will come out in early July 2013, celebrating 30 years from the band's first appearance in Ioannina. 300 hand-numbered black vinyl copies. First time on vinyl. Comes with an insert, which reproduces the original lyrics sheet and includes also a hindsight-retrospective text written (or denied as the case may be) by the band members themselves.
Release Date: 2013-10-03
Available at 15 €SOLD OUT
Listen to the music on Youtube

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