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A Swedish band that was formed in 2000 by Carl DeLorean, Joakim Hjelm, and Kit Balance. "Resurrection" (second album, 2007), reflects their battle for respect and stardom - but it also reflects their love of the musical past, as they lovingly resurrect the sounds of the '70s and '80s across 11 pop-flecked tracks. Careful sequencing helps conceal just how eclectic Kamera really are, as they glide from post-punk to synth pop to the lavish stylings of the new romantics, paying tribute to a host of their heroes along the way. "Lies" slated as the first single, opens the set with a roar of droning guitars and pounding beats "a la" the Sisters of Mercy, who are covered in bubblegum by the time the band reaches the hook-laden chorus. But the band's true love is synth-rinsed bands, with Duran Duran and Depeche Mode both inspiring the lush "Love Surrounds Us" the latter group and Soft Cell echoing across the bopping "I Was Made" and the Pet Shop Boys receiving their due on the fabulously infectious "Fragile". The inspired "TV Lights" rips its funky bassline from Duran, its four-on-the-floor beats from the discos, and its angular guitar from the post-punk scene. That number is irrepressible and "I Lost Control" is unquenchable, sucking up every early '80s musical signature sound along the way. With instantly singalong melodies, dance-fired rhythms, and English lyrics, Kamera have it all, even the requisite ballad - the haunting "Another Sign of Love".
CD in perfect condition (Near Mint / both sleeve and cd). Played once.
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