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One of the most well-hidden secrets of the Greek new wave/dark wave society is about to be revealed 21 years after its first recording. Geheimnis Record’s 11th release is the long awaited unreleased album of “Insomnia” from 1992 and we feel very happy and content to have a true lost darkwave gem released from our label for the very first time!
Insomnia were formed in 1988 in Athens, Greece. Their first name was “Isolated Figures” but dropped out very soon, because of its very Joy Divisionish reminiscence sound. The band was consisted of : Aristos Vassilopoulos on vocals, Kostas Brellas on synths, George Aggelopoulos – guitars, Mihalis Papanikolaou – bass and John Kaoudis – drums. After rehearsing with lots of different drum players, they ended up to collaborate with Nikos Hantzopoulos (later drum player at the 90’s band “Closer”). Their sound is fully influenced by the early 80’s new wave and post punk bands of that era (Mecano, The Danse Society, Bauhaus e.t.c.) and of course from the atmospheric 4AD sound that dominated around the years 1983 – 1986. They gave some unexpectedly successful live concerts during the years 1989 to 1992 and they managed to fill several times the then newly founded “AN” club at Exarchia square, in downtown Athens. During the fall of 1991 they reached an agreement with Warner Music and entered the studio to start recording a full LP album. The result of these recording sessions is the album “Days of Alcyone” that you’re holding in your hands, back then scheduled to be released, according the record company’s plans, during the winter of 1992. A test-pressing record was cut and everybody in the band waited for the date of release, but it turned out to be a postponement race because of the arguments raised upon the music orientation of the band and the record company’s obsession to re-record the vocals in the native (Greek) language. The band was unwilling to succumb to Warner Music’s pressures and as it’s been proved this album was not meant to be released at all.
Under these circumstances, Insomnia got tired of waiting 2 long years while they were playing the same songs over and over again to promote the record and having a load of new material that they could not record and move forward. Finally, disappointed because of the record company’s inconsistence to release their album, they split up in 1993.
Geheimnis Records, after 21 years of waiting, brings to you this lost LP album in 324 hand-numbered copies, 162 of them in black colour and 162 in deep transparent red. The album was pressed using the original master tapes, slightly and respectfully re-mastered. Contains a full colour insert with bio, photos and other details of the band. Out in June 27th, 2013 !!
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Release Date: 2013-06-27
Available at 15 €SOLD OUT
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