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At Geheimnis Records we love music from the past, especially from the 80’s and the early 90’s. But music is not something fixed or just a brief moment in time. With our 14th release, we’re keeping our promise to discover and promote new acts. We want to bring to you the present, and maybe the future of Greece’s Underground - the “Under the Radar” - genre. 10 bands / 10 projects / 10 statements coming from the ruins of modern-day Greece that demonstrate their work and creativity, while they live through the effects of this disastrous crisis. Love, revolution, alienation, dreams and hopes in the lyrics, from a generation that is still fighting, and wants to survive and prevail. This compilation is dedicated to them, and along with our 13th release, depicts the musical transition from a generation that struggled to be heard, to a generation that struggles to stay awake and avoid conformity.
“Tango Mangalore” is the project of Yiannis “Mighty Bazooka” Sidelis a singer and a sailor. “Logic Obscene” is his first attempt to face logic and try to put it in a square box. It was during the winter of 2012 that we first listened to this song. He is also a member of “Emfialomeni Erastes” (Bottled Lovers), along with 2 other mentally deranged guys, Andreas “Havouza” Pontikelis and Petros “Mpampouska” Noiroiseaux. “Kane Mou Erota” (Make Love to Me) deals with the very substance of the human encounter (that is LOVE), which is evaporating in the stressful environment of everyday routine. “Melatonini” are 2 beautiful ladies with cute faces and names, Eleni Nasiou and Maria Roka. You won't stay on the surface of subjective human beauty, while listening to “Poser” and the way their disgust unfolds at posing and selfishness. “Regressverbot”, come from Thessaloniki and were formed in late 2012, and consist of Agnes, Pantelis and Chris. “Kids of December” refers to the riots of December 2008 and the generation that evolved out of this complex situation, a brief moment in Greek history that led to the days of 2010. “Dixos Prosopo” (Faceless) is a project of 2 weirdos, Alex and Harry. They come from Ioannina, the capital of Epirus (north-western district of Greece). “Sinthetos Kiklos” (Complex Circle) speaks of everyday dehumanization under the pressures of stress, routine and no way-outs. “The Villions” are moving towards a more guitar-bass-drums format. The band was formed in 2011 by Alexandros Kousoulakos and Dimitrios Kolias. “Doubts” speaks about emerging from the fake reality and the “cages” that we’re trapped in. “Cinemascope” is the one man project of Leo Skiadas, D.J. promoter and club owner, responsible for a variety of gigs and events over the past 20 years. “So Cold Inside” is a story of an unfulfilled love with no happy ending. “Ethereal Movement” were formed in early 2013 by Eugene B. and Zozi T. Influenced mainly by the sound of 4AD and Project Rec., they create a dreamy soundscape through which the vocals of Zozi, leads to a dizzy nightmare. “Rhapsody” is actually the musical composition of T.S. Eliot’s poem “Rhapsody On A Windy Night”. Urban life in the early 20th Century seems to paint a very bleak picture, with frightening similarities to the Athenian urban nightlife of today. “Strawberry Pills” is the alter ego of Antonis Konstantaras and his muse, Valisia Odell. Both members of defunct bands (Le Page, Phoenix Catscratch) they joined forces in January 2013 and are represented here with their haunting track “Pain/Pleasure”, an elegy of the human, sadistic, pleasure of pain. Last but not least, we have included the space agent of 2099, Mr. “Right Knider”. The solo project of Vargo O’Nil, the shadow-man behind the synths. “Viler Than Vice” is a trip into the future, which starts in the past, and fuses elements from space synth and cosmic disco, to Italodisco and drone. Right Knider describes his music as “Nightmare Sci-Fi” which is probably the best way to explain and understand what’s going on.
The “No Radar” compilation is the natural follow-up of GHMN.013 “Fruits Of Wrath” compilation, demonstrating the continuity and flourishing of the dark alternative genre, through the passage of time. Mastered by the same person that was responsible for the sound of many bands of the 80’s era, Chris “Φact/Snake” Manolitsis.
“No Radar” is a 300 hand-numbered vinyl release, ready to be discovered by those who still have their ears and eyes open to subversive things that take place right next to us. Music that we barely notice, mainly because it won’t get transmitted by the mainstream media or played on T.V. It stays beneath the “radar”, like shadow, like radio interference, like white noise spreading only to those who want to stay awake…
Release Date: 2013-12-22
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