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With its 15th release, Geheimnis Rec. changes its course and moves towards the misty alleys of London's Post Punk/New Wave/New Romantic era.
Born on a grey autumn afternoon in 1979, “Kan Kan” was a pure British new wave band, which released only two EPs (“Changing Trains” in 1981 and “The Informer” in 1982), one 7” (“Film Noir” in 1980 and also contributed the song, “Phone Call” to the legendary compilation “East Of Croydon” (1981). Their frontman, the quite theatrical, Patrick Dinnen along with Graham McGill, Michael Harding, Tom Casey and Flavia Malim (with the occasional addition of other session musicians) represented the change of spirit that blew over punk rock at the end of the 70’s, which was transformed little by little into something more melodic, romantic and artistic… This was the time of New Romantics, post punk, secret gigs in London, dark glamour - all in the shadow of the right-wing reign of Margaret Thatcher. There were “secret events” in clubs in London, where people took over a venue and transformed it for one night. One such venue was The Scala Cinema in London - it was a stylish Art Deco cinema where all-night events were staged. That was Kan Kan’s first ever gig. Later on after many live concerts they were asked to play support for such bands as Killing Joke, A Flock of Seagulls, Mary Wilson, The Thompson Twins and the Boomtown Rats. The “big bang” of the post punk/new wave era ! From the beginning, Kan Kan was always theatrical - the songs and images were intense, heightened, like “films for the mind”, stories for the audience’s imagination - songs about outsiders, and people broken and restored by love, meetings in stations, border crossings - footsteps, statues, clowns, a world of suspicion where nothing is certain apart from uncertainty… John Peel played the EP “Changing Trains” consistently and featured them on a session at the BBC … But suddenly during 1983, the band split up, leaving us “as their legacy” two EPs and one 7”. They never succeeded in releasing a full length LP.
In May 2014, after 2 years of collecting lost material, Geheimnis Records presents a complete anthology of all tracks − both released and unreleased − on a double gatefold highly collectable compilation album, in 322 hand-numbered copies, half of them on white and half on black vinyl, remastered and restored by Chris Manolitsis.
We're in the happy position to announce that 10 copies of the original 7” single (“Film Noir”) from 1980 have been found in Patrick Dineen's house. We have decided, after Patrick’s consensus, to prepare an extra limited edition of strictly 10 copies (hand-numbered from 01 to 10) which will escort the original 7” singles, especially for those who want to have the original item (which is really a collector’s item), apart from the compilation (the tracks of the 7” are also included in the compilation). The price of this edition will be higher in comparison to the compilation itself, nevertheless cheaper, comparing it with the 7” single's price on various international e-shops and markets.
Release Date: 2014-05-16
Available at 18 €SOLD OUT
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