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“Distorted Image” were formed in 1988 by Nick Drivas (guitar) and Kostas Androutsopoulos (bass). In the beginning their sound was inclined to more post punk and pure punk forms (their first ever song, “The Killing Jump” perfectly represented their attitude during that period). They rehearsed in the same private basement studio where “Stress”, a well-known punk band had rehearsed some years earlier. Within a year of their first appearance, the band’s sound transformed into darker/gothic, shaped by the addition of atmospheric synthesizers, played by the singer Tasos Kistsos. After many line-up changes the band finally crystallized with Nick Drivas (bass), Kostas Bourboulas (guitar), Alekos Kourtis (drums ) and Tasos Kitsos (vocals, synthesizers). The band gigged around Athens, performing at many festivals and venues including “An” club and “Rock Palais”. During that period (January 1991) and with this line up they recorded four songs at studio “Praxis”, “A Single Tear”, “Still”, “Our Despair” and “Killing Jump”. In February, they performed live on Greek National Television. In March 1992 they privately released their only 7” single “Prayers of Another Year / Still”, with yet another line-up change (Spiros Doulgeridis replaced Alekos Kourtis behind the drum-kit). 1992 was the last year “Distorted Image” ever performed. After the departure of Spiros Doulgeridis, the band struggled to find a new drummer, and remained inactive for several months before finally disbanding in the late 1992.
October 2014 : Geheimnis Records presents the complete story of “Distorted Image”, a collection of all studio tracks (the 4-track tape of 1991 and the 7” single of 1992) into one 10” album, including 6 tracks directly from the original master tapes, in 250 hand-numbered copies, half of them in black and half in transparent clear vinyl with black light splatters and a full-size insert with pics of the band and lyrics of the tracks.
Release Date: 2014-10-24
Available at 12.5 €SOLD OUT
Listen to the music on Youtube

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