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Geheimnis Records' 25th release is dedicated to a long anticipated vinyl issue of a band that has been greatly discussed and has achieved a "cult-status" among the fans of the dark alternative scene in Greece, as well as all over the world. The myth of Alive She Died was revitalized once more when the fashion brand Gucci favoured the band's cover version on Joy Division's "She's Lost Control", as the music theme for its "Cruise 2016" campaign. Meanwhile, the music site "" included the above cover version amongst the best covers ever made on a Joy Division song, awarding it with the seventh place. Another important distinction came when "" (the biggest site in the world specializing in trading records), included the band's original 1985 tape release titled "Viva Voce" into the list of the 100 releases that need to be reissued.
Alive She Died started their music journey in the year 1983. The initial band members were: Daphne Gerogianni - voice, Xenophon Xenios - keyboards/drum programming, George Ginis - keyboards/sounds, Tina Goudis - bass. The sound of their music was characterized as dark, attributed to their use of synthesizers, bass and drum-machines and the deep melancholic feeling coming from Daphne's performance. Their first-ever live performance took place at "Pegasus" club in Athens, on February 21st, 1985 and it was followed by four more live gigs. On March 1985, the band self-released 300 copies of "Viva Voce", their cassette tape release which was to become famous. During the autumn of 1986, the initial line-up seized to exist. The band's last live performance - with the addition of new members - took place in "Madd" club in Athens, in March 1987.
March 2017: Geheimnis Records is releasing 700 hand-numbered copies of the long-awaited vinyl issue, half of them on black and half on clear transparent vinyl. The release includes all the songs featured on "Viva Voce", plus unreleased material from the band's active era (1984 - 1986). The remastering of the tracks - which originated from original cassette tapes - was done by Stelios Efentakis at studio "Ritual", during the summer of 2016. The release includes an insert with lyrics, photos and credits of the additional musicians, as well as detailed information on the songs and the instruments used during the original recordings.
Release Date: 2017-03-09
Available at 16 €SOLD OUT
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