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With its third release, Geheimnis Records is getting into the deep waters of the dark alternative sound of the Greek 80's underground. Not Only Bones (the name is taken from the last paragraph of Nikos Kazanztakis', "Askitiki") consisted of two persons : Iannis Raikos (music & vocals) and Philippe Mignon (lyrics and background ambiance). They self-released two cassette tapes back in 1984 and 1986, which were far ahead of their time, having a unique sound, mixing contemporary dark synth sounds with avant garde and ambient elements. Probably, there's no other band of that era, that has improvised in such peculiar and out-of-the-ordinary sounds like Not Only Bones. Using mostly synthesizers and an EMS emulator, they've created a claustrophobic, obscure and gloomy atmosphere, where some melodies may create a fake optimistic environment, only for the lyrics to pull you back into a pessimistic reality. Geheimnis Records proudly presents the first of the two cassette tapes from 1984. It's the debut - more raw and harsh - album, including 14 anti-conformist tracks, that can be heard, read, or -even better- do both things at the same time. This "sound-jigsaw book" was carefully remastered from the original tapes by Iannis Raikos himself, without the help of whom, this true music gem could have never been released. It's a 315 hand-numbered copies release, first time on vinyl !! Comes with an ecological A4-size insert with the lyrics and the instruments used by the band, during the recording of the cassette tape, back in 1984. The second cassette tape from 1986 will be released (first time also on vinyl) during the next few months of 2012.
Release Date: 2012-01-30
Available at 16 €SOLD OUT
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