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Geheimnis records is officially a well known supporter of the Greek underground scene, both in its infamous past and most definitely in its promising future. In the same vein, it is with great pride that the first, self-titled LP of the Athenian, post punk trio, "Data Fragments" will be released through our label.
Founded in 2017, Data Fragments are Stathis Leontiadis, widely known as Doric (Human Puppets, Exetix), a mastermind of analogue synthesizers, now on the bass, Panagiotis Dedepsidis (Komodia Thanatou) on vocals and ingenious, new wave guitars, previously widely praised on Komodia Thanatou's self titled LP and Panos Dimopoulos (Komodia Thanatou) one of today's most charismatic bass players, on a different, more avant-garde role on synthesizers. The three produced a crystal clear, post punk chronicle, full of blatant manifestos and nostalgia, embraced by nihilistic, insurgent lyrics creating a record not only worthy of its new wave forefathers but a stimuli to all contemporary musicians. Their live - all sold out - performances underscore this truth and make this release a future classic.
Beautifully framed by the cutting edge cover art of Alex Karagiannidou, 280 hand-numbered copies were produced, 150 copies on black and 130 on transparent cyan blue vinyl.
March 2020 : 140 copies on pink/cyan vinyl repress.


Release Date: 2019-03-12
Available at 19 €SOLD OUT
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