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Geheimnis Music Productions is extremely happy to present to you the follow-up of the most successful "Playground Noises" compilation. After 1 year of research, "Playground Noises 2" consists of 13 hard-to-find tracks of the 80's post punk/new wave/synth genre from bands and artists from New Zealand, Sweden, Germany, France, the U.K., The Netherlands, U.S.A. and former Yugoslavia. Some of them remained unreleased on vinyl up until now, while others reached a broader audience, although all of them went under the radar during their time and were re-discovered through the internet days, the last 15 years.
The Body Electric formed out of the remnants of Wellington punk band “The Steroids” in 1982. Originally they were a two-piece, Alan Jansson and Andy Drey, who both programmed and produced, but during their early rehearsals they were joined by actor Garry Smith on vocals before signing to Jayrem Records. Their debut single “Pulsing” was recorded in the 2ZM Studios and spent 27 weeks in the New Zealand Singles chart, peaking at No.13 in April 1983, some 14 weeks after it first charted, despite the fact it was largely ignored by both mainstream and student radio. In mid-1983 they headed off with fellow Wellington post-punkers “The Spines” on the “Pulsing With Punch” tour of the lower half of the North Island, promoted by Wellington venue, "The Last Resort's Sue Barlow". Following the tour success, Drey left and was replaced by bassist Wendy Calder from “The Spines”. After “Pulsing” they released several more well-received singles, two of which “Dreaming In A Life” and “Imagination” were moderate hits. Their first and only album “Presentation And Reality” came out in November 1983. It would spend 3 weeks in the charts, reaching No.32. In early 1984 they disbanded. Jansson moved permanently to Auckland, went into record production and had a global smash hit with “How Bizarre” by OMC in the mid-1990s. Smith went on to later manage The New Zealand Ballet Company. Seppuku is an electronic pop band originating from the small city of Eksjö in southern Sweden. The single “Under Your Control”/”New Illusion” was recorded during a sunny weekend in the spring of 1985 in the local Falks studio. It was produced by Captain Mannequin, then a high profile member of another Swedish band, the great “Ubangi”. In the time of the recording the band was consisting of Doc Ron (vocals/synths), Raz (bass synth), Togga Papp (synths) and Conda (synth drums). The technical equipment used on the record : Boss DR-110, Minimoog, Yamaha DX7, Yamaha SK15, Yamaha CS01, Logan String Melody and Synsonics synth drums. The single was pressed in just 500 copies and has never been re-issued. Romantične Boje were formed in 1983, after the breakup of the punk-band “Elektromagnetno Zavarivanje Kostiju”. The founding members were : Zoran Cvetković (Cvele) synths and vocals, Goran Veljković (Gax) synths and Goran Radenković (Radenko) drum machine. Their first recordings were made at “Radio Niš” studios in 1983/84 and the video for the song “Tišina“ has been produced by the “Radio Televizija Beograd”. The band was on hiatus from September 1984 until October 1985 due to army duty. In 1986 the demo album "Romantične Boje" was released and in 1987 negotiations began with the record label PGP-RTB but weren‘t successful and led to the brake up of the band. ExKurs : In the late 70s, Michael Hirsch and Pierangelo Maset met in the German city of Kassel and - impressed by the British Punk-Explosion - founded the bands "Wankers" and "Modern Entertainment", which became later ExKurs in 1980. In 1981 they signed with the majorlabel Konkurrenz/Phonogram and released the LP “Fakten Sind Terror”. In comparison with the “Neue Deutsche Welle” (German New Wave) trend pushed by the media, ExKurs have been too uncommercial with their wave sound and didn't had a big breakthrough, only the song “Warten” (”Waiting”) found its way on some compilations. After some line-up changes and the moving of some band members to various cities, there was no more continuity in the band and ExKurs finally split up in 1983. Passing Strangers were formed by Ian Davies and Hugh Barnett (known as “Flash”) in 1981 and were soon joined by a work colleague of Ian, Steve Long. Davies played guitar and used the instrument primarily to write songs. Flash wasn't a musician of any note, but he was very interested in fledgling computers and programming. He taught himself how to program drums and also played basic keyboards. Long was already a very accomplished keyboard player. The three members originally wanted to just record music for their own enjoyment but felt they needed to add a drummer to their line-up and placed an advertisement in a local newspaper. Not only did drummer Stuart Marsh respond but also guitarist, bassist and keyboard player Steve Deakin who simply wanted to join any band who would have him. The band became a five-piece and settled on the name “Passing Strangers” after an Ultravox song. Passing Strangers were pleased with their first demo and decided to do some live gigs. Ian Davies was not keen. He had played a lot of gigs in his teens and wanted this new band to stick to recording only. All the other members wanted to perform live, so Davies reluctantly agreed. The band played several more gigs and then went back to Studio Electrophonique to record tracks for their one and only EP “Nightdreams”. Soon afterwards, Flash and Deakin announced their split from the band. However, within a matter of weeks Long was asked to rejoin them, effectively meaning Davies had been sacked from his own band. He has never recorded or performed since. The three remaining members recruited a variety of musicians and singers without settling on a line-up. Flash left a while later, with the remaining band members gradually moving on to other things. Passing Strangers didn't release any further recordings. Bukowski Band were formed in Belgrade, Yugoslavia (Serbia now), active from 1985 to 1986. They performed live in various clubs and venues but never released an album back then. A tape with 4 songs, accidentally retrieved in 2021, is the only piece of evidence of their existence. Members of the band were Zoran Petrovic - vocals, Gorjan Krstic - synths and keyboards, Branko Jakovljevic - rhythm and drum machines and Vojin Dan - bass. Zoran Petrovic and Gorjan Krstic went on to form “Psihokratija” in 1988. All The Madmen were formed in 1980 by Mike Richardson and Neale Down/Potts from the ashes of punk bands "Dedkatz" and "Beyond The Wall". They soon recruited the former "Beyond The Wall" singer Chris Bailey, while Richard Smith (aka Cavalier) - acquaintance of Mike from high-school days - joined in at the same time. They debuted at a house party in August 1980 supporting "Strange Brood" and went on to play around 6 gigs in the Newcastle area. In August 1980 they recorded a three track demo at Bumble Studio, including a cover of Alice Cooper’s "Schools Out" with Julie Vaughan on "schoolgirl backing vocals" and one track from this demo - "Superior Life" - was eventually included in the Slip Records' compilation "Cry Havoc" in February ’81. By this time the band had split up due to "musical differences". "Superior Life" was played a number of times on John Peel’s "Radio One" show. Mike and Neale worked on a number of further projects together including "Decades By Night", "The Friendly Campaign", "Red Fetish", and "The Cone" ; Chris and Richard left the local music scene, while Chris occasionally working as a roadie for "Discharge". Da Klute was a dutch band that played melancholic new wave. The band had an original, stubborn look, especially through the use of a special drum setup. Most of the bandmembers started in the band "Oxtale", which later became "S". The band was active from 1983 to 1987. Just when the band was about to gain more recognition, Con Wijnen, the bassist and composer, died tragically. Because all members were a close group of friends, they decided that the death of their friend would also meant the end of the band. They consisted of : Jan Wijnen - vocals and drums, Con Wijnen - bass and vocals, Jan Bergman - guitar and vocals, Cees van Gerven - keys, Pieter van de Langenberg - drums (1984-1985) and Ferry Zonneveld - drums (1986-1987). The Ideal Husbands occurred around 1980 in Stratford-upon-Avon, England, best known as the birthplace of William Shakespeare and known for very little else. The band was formed by John Hunt (guitar), formerly of another local band, “Deadly Toys”, plus teenagers Sophie Wellstood (piano), Wayne Morris (drums) and David Laycock (bass). Spending most of their school lunchtimes in coffee shops and their evenings rehearsing in Sophie’s living room, the Husbands managed to convince local record shop owner Bob Barnes to stump up the cash to make a record. “Out Of The Factory, Into The Wood” was recorded at Beck Studios in Wellingborough by Derek Tompkins and mixed at Spaceward in Cambridge by Gary Lucas. David would go on to join Manchester’s “Primal Scream”. Wayne became a well known TV actor, Sophie a prize winning author, and John continues to write and play, most recently in Bristol-based extraordinary folk quartet “Spiro”. Fantasia started out in 1986 as a duo consisting of keyboards and bass guitar, playing original and cover music. There big influences where Men Without Hats, folk and 80's music. Ford Elliott on keyboards and Driss Hodson on bass and vocals. Ford eventually put his keyboards to rest in the 90's and is now seen busking in towns with a variety of instruments, violin, accordion e.t.c., while Driss is still performing in bands across the U.K. Class Action : Brad Evans had written several songs and put together a band inspired by what was happening with bands like Human League, Depeche Mode to name a few. Ads went out, and soon was joined by Natalie Pace on synth bass, Mike Shaw on percussion/drum sequencing and Billy on guitar. Brad sang lead, programmed sequencing, and played synthesizers. They named the band "Space", referring to more space to be themselves as in "need more space" and if that failed as in the lyrics of "Blast Off", leave the planet completely. They played gigs throughout the underground L.A. scene ("Cathay De Grande", "Zero Club" and others). They were picked up by management and soon landed a distribution deal with A & M Records. Soon after, they changed their name to "Class Action" and recorded a 5 song EP at the "Record Plant". They added bass player Prescott Niles (from the "Knack") and Dave Reznick (local session guitar player). The self titled EP "Class Action", was released with the Rolling Stones song, “Out Of Time” as their single. They played dates with up and comings acts, like "Berlin", "The Bangles" and others. High profile Hollywood venues included "Perkins Palace", "Lingerie" and "Viper Room" to name a few. EP was released in 1984 and after a year and moderate success the band moved on. Corps Diplomatique were founded in Marseille (France) in 1984 by Olivier Aubin and Nicolas Pélissier. Soon they were joined by Patrick Loubet and Marie Eve Bensussan. They were active until 1988 doing concerts, radio and TV appearances. They released one 7'' single ("Paradis I & II") and participated in "La Muse Vénale" cassette compilation. Eros Phobia was recorded in 1985 and appears first time on vinyl. Spiral Visions were formed by Andy Beaumont (keyboards and flute) in 1980. The initial name of the band was "Intro-Extro". With the arrival of Chip on drums in early 1981, the band's name changed to "Spiral Visions". Pete Jackson (bass) joined in May 1981. They played several gigs supporting bands like "Way Of The West", "The Passions" and "The Revillos". At Christmas 1981 the first line-up split (leaving the band as a trio - comprised of Andy, Pete and Chip). In March 1982 Russ Park (vocals) joined the band, followed by Dave Gilbert (guitar) in May 1982. With this line-up they played their first gig in June 1982 in Sheffield. In the meanwhile they recorded their one and only 7'' EP entitled "Dance Macabre". In 1982 and after several band-member changes, they continued as "Visions".

In September 29th, 2022, the compilation will come out in 553 hand-numbered copies, 277 on black and 276 on gold vinyl. Remastering and audio restoration took place at 216 Pro-Studio by Lakis Halkiopoulos. Each copy includes an insert with band's credits, photos and the songs' lyrics.

Release Date: 2022-09-29
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