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Ex Humans were one of the first pure punk bands in Greece. John Trompetas started in 1980 with the short-lived band "Guillotine". The next year, after he met George "Havoc" Alevras, the band's name changed into "Soldiers Of Anarchy". During 1982, George "Havoc" took over as lead vocalist and along with John Trompetas (bass) and Andreas Ferdianakis (drums) they made their first ever live appearance as "Ex Humans" (Summer of 1982, at "Grava"). They usually played at "Sofita" and "Skylamb" and in other clubs and music stages of that era. In 1983, Fivos Pergaliotis replaced Andreas in drums and with this line-up they recorded twelve (12) songs, that would be the basis of their one and only full album. In contrast to what is commonly known, a cassette tape (Bluurg Tapes 34), that was released around that period with 5 demo tracks, is not an official release from the band itself, but rather a bootleg, made without the permission of the band. In 1984 Fivos left and George Damellos (from the band "Anipofori") took charge behind the drum kit. George Glinelis and Stathis Kaliviotis from the same band participated also as session musicians. This was the line-up that participated in the classic Greek punk compilation “Διαταραξη Κοινης Ησυχιας” ("Disorderly Conduct") with two songs, “Εκτυφλωτικη Λαμψη” ("Glare") and “Αυτοκτονια Σε Αργη Κινηση” ("Slowmotion Suicide") (Its long version - previously unreleased - is included in this album). The band would be active until the summer of '85, when they had to disband for several reasons (George had to serve his time in the army and John was inspired by more harsh and hardcore sounds). Consequently and, after George had returned from the army, they formed "Abolish Authority". But that's a different story... The album will come out on Sunday, December 30, 2012 as your New Year's Eve nightmare... It is fully remastered and the 2 bonus tracks come from a cassette tape, 30 years old. The restoration was not an easy thing to do, but Chris Manolitsis did his best and the result sounds great ! 390 copies have been printed, 225 black and 165 deep transparent red, all of them hand-numbered. The record includes its original poster / insert, with some bonus photos and info about the band.

On Monday 18.2.2013 the 2nd edition will come out in 200 hand-numbered white vinyl copies.

Release Date: 2012-12-30
Available at 16 €SOLD OUT
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