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Hailing from Jersey, Channel Islands, U.K., Turquoise Days was formed in 1981 by Luciano Brambilla and David Le Breton. Throughout the 1980s, they self-released many cassettes, as well as the renowned masterpiece "Grey Skies / Blurred" 7'' single”. Their music has a melodic, emotive, and cold synth sound. David and Luciano met at a nightclub on the surfers’ beach at St. Ouens, Jersey, called "Waves" that played alternative music at the peak of disco and MOR music. They played many live gigs in Jersey starting with their own instrumental intro music “Fragments Of Glass (Hide My Eyes)” which had Russian radio broadcasts incorporated and their own light show and Chris Petra, the sound engineer, became the bass player contributing bass to later songs such as "Scattering Seeds", "Feed The Flame" e.t.c. They recorded and released various cassettes namely "Splintered Colours" ('81), "Alternative Strategies" ('82), "Valued Collection" ('83), "The Sincerity Machine" ('84) and "Moods" ('85) and the 7” single "Grey Skies”/ “Blurred”. Unfortunately potential follow up songs such as "Tonight", "Feed The Flame" and "Turning Blue" were never released as singles. However, in the recent years, much has been re-released and is available on various digital platforms, vinyl and cassette-tapes.<π> In Mint condition. Black vinyl edition.
Release Date: 2023-04-03
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