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Poeme Electronique was formed in 1980 by Dave Hewson.
Before this, his brother Les, Julie and Sharon - their cousins - were in a band called Stagestruk. Dave also played keyboards for this band for a short time and after Stagestruk folded in 1981, "The Echoes Fade" was released and Les, Julie and Sharon joined Dave to continue creating two albums worth of material. "The Echoes Fade" was given a good response from John Peel - but never became mainstream and disappeared and was forgotten about till now.
As the material started to be restored Dave found a couple of movies also made at that time, of "The Echoes Fade" and "Voice". In October 2006 for fun he posted them on Youtube - the response and interest was extraordinary.
So Dave made two new remixes of "The Echoes Fade" and "Voice" using material recorded in 1982 from versions that have new and unheard material.
The plan now is to make Poeme Electronique active again. The band have been re-mastering unreleased tracks, and hopefully an album is due soon. Dave and Sharon plan to write new material, and will be recording new songs in the near future.

In Mint condition, pink vinyl.

Release Date: 2011-05-05
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