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The ultimate Italo-Disco track, this record was released in 1984 on the Gong label, as #008‚Äč. Apparently only a small quantity were printed, as they disappeared quickly off the shelves of the record stores within a week or so, and were impossible to find afterwards. This record is considered the Holy Grail of the Italo-Disco genre.
A truly wonderful production from David Zambelli, but most of the credits goes to the real creators of it: Sergio Bonzanni as the composer & Salvatore Pileggi on the vocals. Gigi Vavassori gets the same credits for his help in creating this wonderful piece of musical history! The song was recorded in 1983 at the Regson Sound Studios in Milan (Italy), the day after Scotch recorded there famous 'Disco Band'. The instruments used in the song are an Elka Synthex, a Korg Poly 61 and a E-mu Drumulator. The picture on the back sleeve is Sergio Bonzanni in the studio together with Salvatore Pileggi.

In Mint condition, yellow vinyl. Record store day reissue 2015.

Release Date: 2015-04-14
Available at 19 €SOLD OUT
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