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Spiral Visions were formed by Andy Beaumont (keyboards and flute) in 1980. The initial name of the band was "Intro-Extro". With the arrival of Chip on drums in early 1981, the band's name changed to "Spiral Visions". Pete Jackson (bass) joined in May 1981. They played several gigs supporting bands like "Way Of The West", "The Passions" and "The Revillos". At Christmas 1981 the first line-up split (leaving the band as a trio - comprised of Andy, Pete and Chip). In March 1982 Russ Park (vocals) joined the band, followed by Dave Gilbert (guitar) in May 1982. With this line-up they played their first gig in June 1982 in Sheffield. In the meanwhile they recorded their one and only 7'' EP entitled "Dance Macabre". In 1982 and after several band-member changes, they continued as "Visions".
The Danse Macabre EP is one of those early, self-released synthpop records that has got cult status amongst collectors through the years. Published in 1982 in 7” format, it fetches insane prices when seen for sale, so we decided that we had to make it available again for the people interested. This EP contains the first studio recordings by the band which changed name to Vision and managed to score quite a big alternative hit with their song Lucifer’s Friend that same year. Hence, the band got a big following but Danse Macabre has remained an obscure and nearly impossible to find release that many don’t even associate with the band.

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Release Date: 2022-10-03
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