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It took years for WORKS IN THE LAB to materialise. Thank goodness that Kez was able to locate those precious cassettes that contained the songs that Dead Wax have put on it. Some of the tracks are live demos that Henry recorded on his own at the AAAH…! self-built studio, some others are the recordings that AAAH…! made at the Sawmills as a ‘full band’ but were never published. And of course there’s the classic Slip Away / Duty Calls 7” that Henry and Barbie made with Kez’s great collaboration and is a staple in every minimal synth collection. Dead Wax have gathered all these very different recordings and put them together for you to finally enjoy them as a whole.
WORKS IN THE LAB comes as a limited, hand numbered edition split in two vinyl colours; 100 copies in translucent yellow and 200 in standard black, housed in a matt finish sleeve with a double sided insert and download code.

In Mint condition. BLACK VINYL Edition.

Release Date: 2023-04-17
Available at 23 €NOT AVAILABLE YET
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