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An exquisite and meticulous selection of underground “techno-pop” bands that emerged during the 80’s in the United States. Each one of these acts is considered a cult, although several even only edited an EP or one single, a demo tape or just appeared on compilations. A total of sixteen songs from eight bands. Some classic hits together with rare or even unreleased tracks. A compilation that will help many to discover a slightly explored side of alternative electronic pop music from America.

A1. Hysterica Passio - Grey Over Life
A2. Hysterica Passio - Alone
A3. Cinema 90 - In Ultra-Violet
A4. Cinema 90 - At Nine (Live)
B1. Hidden Agenda - Life At The Top
B2. Hidden Agenda - Moving Pictures
B3. A Method Of Danse - Generic White (Air-Wave Version)
B4. A Method Of Danse - Strange Quotes
C1. Friends of The Maid - Love Turn Around
C2. Friends of The Maid - Waiting for a Chance
C3. Doppler Effect - Four Day Romance
C4. Doppler Effect - Stations Of The Cross
D1. Schneebezen - Can’t Remain A Friend (Dance Version)
D2. Schneebezen - Treasure (Dance Version)
D3. Event - Sequin (Remix)
D4. Event - Icepick

In Mint condition, new. Black vinyl edition.

Release Date: 2020-01-15
Available at 24 €Order Now
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