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A 1979 - 1987 compilation of various acts (Voice Patrol/UK, Baader Pop Gruppe/NL, Rob van Wijngaarden/NL, Stigma/JPN, DDAA(Déficit Des Années Antérieures/FRA), Beerdigung/GER, De Brassers/BEL, Spotch Forcey).

A1 previously unreleased (1982, France)A1 previously unreleased (1982, France)
A2 originally released on I Köket Desperat 7" (Stranded Records, 1980, Sweden)
A3 originally released on Self-titled cassette (1980, United Kingdom)
A4 originally released on Levend Vol.2 CDr, recorded at Zaal Concordia in Bilzen on 16th of october 1982 (Bras Tapes, 2006, Belgium)
A5 originally released on Reisn LP (Menn, 1986, Iceland)
B1 originally released on Boule X 18 (Joyeux Noël) cassette (Ptôse Production Présente, 1982, France)
B2 originally released on Bacterial Voice Epidemia / E.B.V. 7" (Illusion Production, 1980, France)
B3 previously unreleased (recorded at the Rauchhaus, Berlin-West 1987, Germany)
B4 originally released on Nur Hits cassette (Rotbäckchen - Records / Tape Trust, 1981, Germany)
B5 originally released on Last Japan 7" Flexi-Disc (Aspirin Records, 1981, Japan)
B6 originally released on Kalkulator cassette (Tear Apart Tapes, 1982, Netherlands)

A limited edition with card insert include tracklist and credits.

In Mint condition.

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