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“Statues In Motion” is Geheimnis' Rec. 9th release and quite happy to reissue this synth/dark pop masterpiece + a bonus track never been issued before !!
Vasilis Paleokostas (Billy Knight), George Dalambiras (Alvin Dean), Ilias Mitsakis (Elli Kane).
Billy Knight creates “STATUES IN MOTION” during the summer of 1981. He is already acquainted with George (Alvin Dean), because George was the lead singer of another historical and very short lived band, called “Homicide” (along with Costas Pothoulakis – ex “Parthenogenesis” member, later member of “The Reporters” and “Villa 21”). “Homicide” was the support act of some of the Parthenogenesis’ live gigs, shortly before the band’s final concert in Christmas 1980. With Elli Kane and Tracey West (backing vocals) he met at a club called “Snowball” around that time. Tracey was a close friend to Billy’s girlfriend and a regular at this club. Elli wrote most of their lyrics and became the manager of the band. Their first live gig takes place at Lycabettus theatre, at a music festival (the only photo of the band, taken during that live performance, is at the back cover of the record’s sleeve) where they were awarded first place. They play alongside bands such as “Mousikes Taksiarhies”, “Apocalypsis”, “Vavoura Band” and others, performing 3 songs, “Man In Black”, “Statues” and “Pinky Complex”. “Pinky Complex” was and still is one of Billy’s favorite songs and that’s why he wanted to re–record it and include it in this 30th edition. It was properly recorded back in 1982, with Alvin Dean on vocals, but it was “Virginia Clemm” that had been included in the original edition instead of it. The original version is probably lost. By the summer of 1982 the album was ready. Vasos Tsimidopoulos (producer) had listened to them, while they were rehearsing at “ERA” studios, he liked them and suggested them to follow him to Minos–EMI. After several financial arguments, the record was finally released in Christmas 1983 and found its way to the record stores in the early days of 1984, although recording had already finished by mid–1982… Billy was so disappointed by this situation that, long before the album’s release date, he had the band break up (in particular in November 1983) and left Greece to follow his destiny abroad.
The album will come out in April 27, 2013 in 325 hand-numbered copies, including the missing “Pinky Complex” that had to be re–recorded. Chris Manolitsis and his “Zoom Recordings Studios” were responsible for this 2013 new edition of “Pinky Complex”.
Release Date: 2013-04-27
Available at 15 €SOLD OUT
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