28.9.2018 is the official release date of our "Playground Noises/11 Lost Gems For The Night People 1980-1991" compilation. You can purchase it through discogs / http://www.discogs.com/ and our site.
Chose between the classic black (17,00 €) and the semi-transparent silver vinyl (18,00 €).
The days to come, we'll upload the list of all record stores and e-shops where you can find it in stock.


Finally, after a long quest, our latest project will be presented to you in September 2018. 11 sought-after tracks directly from the 80's (and early 90's) vaults that you don't want to miss.
"'Playground Noises' (11 Lost Gems For The Night People 1980 - 1991)" will include bands such Turquoise Days, Pale TV, Private Blue, R.E.K., Music For Pleasure, The Rain, Days Of Sorrow, Psihokratija, Les Magistrats De Syracuse, Wibbley Brothers and Glamorcult with their unique and hard to find - or unreleased on vinyl - songs.
More details will be revealed during the weeks to come.


Around March 20, 2018, we'll be in the happy position to present to you the first LP from a band that had so many setbacks during the last 4-5 years, hoping that their problems will end soon and we'll be able to see them live on stage again. "The Villions" recorded this amazing 13-track album - which was never released in a music format - almost 5 years ago. It was about time to have it on total black vinyl in 200 copies + a digital download code.

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