We faced a difficult year with lots of delays and setbacks (the printing plants' new timelines and the whole covid-19 crises have become unbearable) and we're trying to recover little by little.
In the meanwhile we're very fortunate that we finally received our reissue of Magic De Spell's "Cpt Blind", the final album of their English speaking - new wave/post punk era and we present it to you in 250 blue transparent hand-numbered vinyl copies, in February 4th, 2022.


We have announced the reprint of Γεμάτος Αράχνες,Ρε Φίλε! / Gematos Arahnes Re File! / (I'm) Full Of Spiders, Man! since last November. The time has come to reveal a 323 white vinyl copies repress in black & white packaging on Tuesday 23.3.3021. We'll try to supply all possible physical and e-shops, hoping that this covid-19 frenzy will end up soon and everyone can enjoy normal life once again...


Kalte Nacht's debut album is a total sold-out from our label.
You can get the last copies from the band itself @ https://kaltenacht.bandcamp.com/releases/ or you can visit Le Disque Noir Records Shop and Young & Cold Records that stocked a small run of copies.
Hope to see you soon on stage darlings ♥

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