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This year’s autumn will be very misty and gloom. Geheimnis’ Records 12th release is dedicated to one of the most introspective and dark-tempered bands that the Greek dark alternative genre has ever produced. They – along with “Yell-O-Yell” – were probably the better well-known portrayers of the hidden, corrupted and cursed aspects of a man’s soul, finding no redemption or a way-out of this perverted and confused labyrinth. No happy ending…
“Rehearsed Dreams” were introduced in 1983. The three members of the original line-up were all schoolmates from Vironas, (a district of Athens) and they originally started rehearsing and recording under the moniker “The Apparently Dead”. Soon they changed their name, choosing one from a “Magazine” song lyric, and they turned it into “Rehearsed Dreams”. The original line-up consisted of Giannis Papaioannou (John Schrei) on vocals, bass and synthesizers, Spiros Faros (Spy Spider) on guitars and bass and Vassilis Sorillos (Billy Ss) on drums. Occasionally other guest members such as Mary V, Tina and Elizabeth Methven were performing girl vocals to their music but the three boys were the main driving force of this band. In 1983 and 1984 they recorded two different demos. These included 9 songs and these were the main reason that Babis Dallidis welcomed “Rehearsed Dreams” in his label, “Creep Records”. At the end of the same year they started recording their first album “Repulsion” with the help of Fill Scars from “Yell-O-Yell” and Lakis Halkiotis from “Headleaders”. This album was recorded and completed in two different night sessions, the first one with a borrowed Korg from Lena Platonos. “Repulsion” was officially released by Creep Records in 1985. Later on the same year Vassilis left the band but the two remaining members kept on using an analog drum-machine in his place. That was, very soon, replaced by Andrew F. (Andreas Ferdianakis), the second original drummer from Yell-O-Yell and Fill Scars joined in the new line-up as well on guitars. With this new line-up “Rehearsed Dreams” kept playing around Athens and started recording their new material. During the winter of 1985 “Rehearsed Dreams” locked themselves inside the mythical Columbia Studios in Athens for three days & nights and started recording new material that would follow the release of their “Repulsion” LP. All in all, they recorded seven new tracks, together with Fill Scars and Andreas F. from Yell-O-Yell. Unfortunately, they managed to finally master only three of these tracks. After Fill’s death, those late masters somehow traveled through Europe, and finally re-discovered somewhere in Spain. This material was depicted two years ago into a limited edition 7’’ single, named “Trip”, which quickly made a sold-out.
Geheimnis’ Records release is focused on the first, very active years of the band from the beginning of their trip in 1983 since the “Repulsion” album in 1985. “Anthology 1983-1985” will include the very first demos that were presented back in 1983 to Babis Dallidis and the remastered and restored edition of “Repulsion” in 1985, in a double black & white / minimalistic gatefold sleeve, in 350 hand-numbered copies, all in black colour. Their colour…

Release Date: 2013-10-03
Available at 20 €SOLD OUT
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