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"Koumpotripes A.E." ("Buttonholes") were 6 restless teenage school friends who were drawn to a broad range of rock music. Their real passion however, focussed on the music of Joy Division, Public Image Limited, Virgin Prunes, Tuxedomoon, Bauhaus and many of the seminal bands and artists of the Dark / New Wave genre. It was quite difficult to define the music "Koumpotripes A.E." played. It was more than obvious that in their earliest incarnation, punk had a great impact on their music, but in their case, their style was unique and went beyond the usual forms of the punk genre.
In 1979, the so-called Indie/Alternative scene hadn't yet emerged in Greece. There were only 2 bands that existed and represented this "new movement", "Pneumonokoniasis" and "Parthenogenesis", but they were soon followed by George Vanakos with his band "Simpligades", "Magic De Spell" and the first batch of punk bands of that era.
April 20th, 1979 at Nikos Barbounis' house at 11 Spetson street in Hatzikiriakio, a working class neighbourhood of the port of Athens, Piraeus, "Koumpotripes A.E." were formed through the initiative of the - now - established and well-known composer Mihalis Koumbios.
The original members of the band were school friends from the Second Grade, Mihalis Koumbios, Nikos Zilakos, Nikos Moshos, Nikos Barbounis and the younger Nikos Houlis and Tasos Koumbios - Mihalis's younger brother. The band's name was proposed by Nikos Moshos. A few days later, they bought their first cheap instruments and started rehearsing, usually on weekends and occasionally even mid-week in the basement of Nikos Zilakos' house at 26 Ikonomou str. in Piraeus.
And that's how "Koumpotripes A.E." story began.
More information about this legendary band can be found in the 24-page booklet of the edition.
February 2015 : Geheimnis Records with the assistance of Mihalis Koumbios compiled the majority of the tracks, both released and unreleased, of 1981 - 1984 era, in a highly collectable edition of 438 hand-numbered copies, on black and transparent grey vinyl.
Release Date: 2015-02-03
Available at 16 €SOLD OUT
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