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Geheimnis Records proudly presents Magic De Spell's second album, "Kiss The Mirror", which saw the band transitioning from their early new wave/post punk influences to more synth-oriented forms of musical expression (and which came to full fruition on their third and last album of their early period, "Cpt Blind").
The album was released by the same label that had released their first album "A Body In A Snare" ("Music Box"). Their association with a stable record company gave them the confidence to develop and aim for higher standards in music composition. From the end of 1982 until the time "Kiss The Mirror" was released in early 1984, they were performing on a regular basis. Their busy live schedule, in addition to the hours that they had spent the previous year (1982) in the studio recording their debut album, had boosted their self-confidence and molded them into a tight and efficient musical unit.
To crown it all, at the end of 1983 they entered Mastersound Studios and with the help of Chris Manolitsis as their sound-engineer, they recorded their second and, for many music journalists, most complete, mature and intimate album of their career. Elias Aslanoglou sounded more confident than ever before. George Scarlatos displayed his skill at playing some very innovative bass lines. Theodore Vlahakis held down the rhythm-section with some impressive percussion, while Thanassis Scarlatos and Yannis Rodites (who joined the band by mid 1983) created some simple but impeccable melodies on synthesizers, piano and keyboards.
"Valse" was the first Greek new wave song ever broadcast on the - back then - brand new "Music Television" (MTV) in 1985, while before that, it had participated at the Montreaux Festival. It was the first time a Greek New-Wave band had gone beyond national borders and attempted to reach a wider audience. "Desire" was also released as a 12'' maxi-single (accompanied by "Run Fast" and "Screenplay") and made it onto the Greek charts.
May 2016 : Geheimnis Records presents "Kiss The Mirror" in 300 hand-numbered copies, half of them on black and half on clear transparent vinyl, fully remastered from the original master tapes, including the longer version of "Desire", which was the first version and the most acceptable by the band itself. The edition will include 2 postcards. The first is an actual replica of the 1984 live gig promotional flyer at "Akadimos" theatre and the second a promotional photo of the band from that era.

Release Date: 2016-05-27
Available at 17 €SOLD OUT
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