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With its 28th release, Geheimnis Records is extremely proud to present to you a collection of sought-after and hard to find gems from the international dark/new wave and post-punk genre of the 80's. After 5 years of research, "Playground Noises" consists of 11 tracks from bands and artists from Australia, Germany, France, the U.K., Canada, Italy and former Yugoslavia, that remained in the mists and the bliss of time. Some of them found their ways on vinyl and met with success during their time, while others, due to various reasons, didn't reach a broader audience or never got a proper release. One thing is for sure; The songs found success 3 decades after their first appearance and still grip the music enthusiasts of the genre all over the world.
Turquoise Days was formed in the U.K. in 1981 by Luciano Brambilla and David Le Breton. Throughout the 1980s, they self-released many cassettes, as well as the 7'' single "Grey Skies / Blurred". David and Luciano met at a nightclub on the surfers’ beach at St. Ouens, Jersey, called "Waves" that played alternative music at the peak of disco and MOR music. The demo version of their hit-single "Grey Skies" is included for the first time ever on vinyl. Les Magistrats De Syracuse was formed in 1985 in Maubeuge, France by Eric Vernier, author and composer, along with Bernard Applincourt on drums and Jean-Marie Leroy on sax. Between 1985 and 1986, the group recorded the 7'' single "Week End's Zaz / Genèse". "Genèse" is the flip-side of their single, an instrumental and quite dreamy yet tense composition. They split in 1986. Glamorcult was formed in the early 1980’s by Canadian singer/song writer Eric Simpson as the next step of evolution from his previous experimental electronic group “Drama”. Several band members joined the project, in order to be able to perform live at different times. Other musicians performed on a number of the studio recordings. On “Follow The Shadow”, the bass guitar playing was performed by Robin Girard, while vocals and all other instruments were played by Eric Simpson (drums were a Roland TR-808). Private Blue was a studio project created by Horst Schnebel (composition, keyboards and production), Frank Meyer-Thurn (composition and production), Camilla Hüther (lyrics) and Ute Berling (female vocals on "She's Love") in Mannheim, Germany. In 1984, they founded their own production company "Two 'n' You" and until the end of their collaboration in 1989, they created various projects such as "Rewind" (1985), "MC-2" (1987) and "Doctorin D" (1988). R.E.K. was a project of two musicians hailing from Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Richard Kersten and Frithjof Krepp. R.E.K. were enthusiastically signed by RCA Records. The mixture of pop, rock and electronic sounds was well received. However, shortly after signing, RCA went bankrupt and the LP disappeared. Krepp and Kersten, after having produced two Richard Kersten solo LPs ("Ensenada Amiga" for Jupiter Records in 1981 and "R.E.K.1" in 1983), both individually went on to write and produce in their personal studios, while they are still collaborating in various projects. "Computer Haben Herzschmerz" (Christine Rötig - female vocals) describes how love would be viewed in the future as a program error, while everything will be controlled by computers. The Rain were four school friends from Sydney, Australia (Elias Eliades - vocals, guitar, keyboards, Adam Matijasevic - bass, keyboards, drum programming, backing vocals, Johnny Knezevic - drums, Rocky Knezevic - keyboards), who decided to form their own band in late 1989. They released their EP "Love, Lies & Anxiety Attacks" in 1991 (from where the song "Charity" is included in this compilation) and toured for a year around Australia before starting working on their second EP which remains to this day, untitled and unfinished. They disbanded in early 1993. Pale TV was an Italian post-punk band, formed in Parma, Italy, in 1980. The four musicians, Alex, Blue Niagara, Adrenalina and Whip, played together since 1978 in a punk rock band named "Electric Nerves". They recorded their first single, "Night Toys", in September 1980. They also released two albums, "Blue Agents" and the unfinished "Penitenziali", which was finally released 3 years ago. In July 1983, they opened the four Italian shows for Simple Minds' "New Gold Dream" tour. The band split in 1984, clashing with the record industry. Music For Pleasure was formed in Leeds, England in 1979, comprising David Whitaker - synths and keyboards, Mark Copson - vocals, Ivor Roberts - bass and Chris Oldroyd - drums. They released several 7'' singles and two albums ("Into The Rain" and "Blacklands"). They were heavily influenced by Punk and Krautrock and are still seen as a very much underrated band of the 80's. "Madness At The Mission" comes from their first 7'' single "The Human Factor". Days Of Sorrow is the brain-child of William Lennox (vocals, keyboards) and André Schreiber (bass), hailing from Dortmund (Germany). In 1981, they decided to form the band, at the time when Post-Punk / New Wave movement emerged. The first four piece line-up included Wolfram Huber (guitar) and Nicolai Sabotka (drums). John Tollhaus overheard them playing their song "Wild World" by chance, during a rehearsal and immediately offered the band to produce the band's first 12” EP. Several months later, the EP “Remembering The Days” was published by Tollhaus Records in 1984. Following up with two 7” single versions of "Wild World" and another 12” EP, called “A Thousand Faces” in 1986, shortly ahead of a scheduled Spanish tour, the band split up. In December 2017 William and André reformed "Days Of Sorrow", producing new material. The Wibbley Brothers were formed in 1977 by Rob Metcalfe (Terry Wibbley) and Guy Jackson (Ronnie Wibbley). Their first record release came in 1981, entitled the "Dark Side Of The Mune" EP. "Der Wawazawa" followed in 1982, recorded at Spaceward Studios for their first (and so far only) album "Go Weird". The LP was re-released in 2015 and the Wibbley Brothers returned to occasional live performance. They continued to record throughout the decades however, and the "difficult second album" showcasing the best of that material is expected to be released soon. Psihokratija was founded in 1988 in Yugoslavia (Belgrade, Serbia) by Gorjan Krstić (synths and composition) and Zoran Petrović (vocals). Wessely Karel (synths) joined the band but left after a very short period of time. In 1990 the band released its debut album, entitled "Album Mentalnih Fotografija" (Mental Photo Album) and started performing all over the country. The same year, the band split and Gorjan Krstić, with new band members, began to prepare the band's second album, which ended right before the start of the civil war. It was only after many years, that Gorjan reactivated the whole project with new band members. He is currently preparing Psihokratija's third album.
In September 28th, 2018, the compilation will come out in 490 hand-numbered copies, 248 on black and 242 on transparent silver vinyl. Remastering and audio restoration took place at 216 Pro-Studio by Lakis Halkiopoulos. Each copy includes an insert with band's credits, photos and the lyrics of the songs.

Silver vinyl copies are sold out from the label. You can purchase only the black vinyl edition.

Release Date: 2018-09-28
Available at 17 €SOLD OUT
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