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The name Ding An Sich is derived from Immanuel Kant’s “Critique of Pure Reason”. The seeds were sown in the early 80’s, when Nick Sarikostas (bass) & Makis Floros (drums), inspired by the Punk ethos and influenced by the Post-Punk aesthetics, decided to give their own restlessness, a form of expression by forming a band. After one year of them rehearsing as a duet, they were joined by guitarist John Halikias. In 1985 the project had to be abandoned, but in 1987, Ding An Sich re-emerged with George Polyzos on drums. The trio was committed to playing their own music (still instrumental at that point), until they realized that there were enough compositions which “demanded” to become songs. The next recruitment was Panagiotis (Takis) Merekos in 1988, who undertook the task to provide the vocals & lyrics.
In 1989 and just one week before the band was about to enter the studio for the first time, their guitarist left. But against all odds, his replacement, Dimitris Papalakis, was proven a decisive factor in the evolution of the band’s music. His charismatic albeit unconventional playing and ideas, gave Ding An Sich their own personal sound. This same year the band releases the first 7” single “And… / Wandering” on their own label. Vaggelis Bekonopoulos (keyboards) joined Ding An Sich in 1990, thus enriching their sound.
For the next 3 years the band spent most time in rehearsing & recording. And occasionally making a live appearance, of which the most notable being the ones with Paul Roland (1991) and The Damned (1992). In 1992 Dimitris Papalakis decided to leave the band and was replaced by Tasos Nomikos (guitarist of the "BrainDead").
Further recordings took place and although there was enough material for the release of 2 albums, circumstances didn’t allow the materialization of any of these, as the band wanted to act with as much independence as possible.
The year 1993 proved to be a landmark in the band’s history, as it signalled radical changes both in the line-up and expression of musical form.
But this is another story altogether.

Geheimnis Music Productions presents this LP compilation, including almost all material of the band's studio sessions between 1987 and 1992. George Ginis performed a thorough remastering from the original master tapes at Ammos Music studio. The total production of 355 hand-numbered copies (181 copies on black and 174 copies on transparent violet vinyl) include an insert with photos, credits and lyrics of their one and only 7'' single "And... / Wandering".

Release Date: 2020-12-17
Available at 17 €SOLD OUT
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