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Geheimnis Records’ 8th release was created after a very happy coincidence !!
George Scarlatos was the bass player and – mainly – the composer, of nearly every Magic De Spell’s song during the 80’s. During the summer of 2011, while he was listening to an old cassette tape of Magic De Spell supporting “The Fall” at their 1982 concert in Sporting stadium, in order to find the track “Crime” for Geheimnis Records’ 2nd release (Magic De Spell – Nightmare / 30th anniversary edition), he found on its back side, 4 songs, roughly recorded with an acoustic guitar. One of them was “Chains Of Love”, which later found its way to the LP “Kiss The Mirror”. The other three (Drag You Down, Lies, Tue Ma Cervelle) remained forgotten in a drawer, in the back side of an old cassette tape. These 3 songs along with another one, not recorded, but always kept alive on George’s mind, titled “Heaven Up There”, were dropped, because they were written during a difficult period for Magic De Spell, during the music transition from punk to dark electronic/new wave sound. Two of them were composed in March 1982, when the old era was fading away, the other two after two months. But, for different reasons other songs were selected, during the preparation of Magic De Spell’s first full length album “A Body In A Snare”.
During the summer and autumn of 2012, George Scarlatos materializing the “Art Telepaths” project, accomplished a great endeavor : he managed to gather some friends and colleagues from the 80’s new wave era to record these 4 songs, people who worked together in the band (Magic De Spell) at its first steps and some other who had shared the same rehearsal studios, dreams and hopes during that period… Thanasis Scarlatos (Magic De Spell / keyboards, synths) and Theodore Vlahakis (Magic De Spell / drums), Yannis Drenoyannis (Magic De Spell, Anti-Troppau Council, Yeah! / guitars), Pan Thistle (Takis) (Partenogenesis, Forward Music Quintet / vocals), Vassilis Salapatas (Not 2 Without 3 / vocals) and last but not least, Costas Mastoris (Metro Decay / synths). Of course the sound engineer was the man who knows the sound of the 80’s era better than anyone behind the console, Chris “Snake” Manolitsis.
The record will come out in April 27, 2013, in 300 hand-numbered 10” vinyl copies, including these 4 songs and a remix version of “Tue Ma Cervelle”. A technical detail is that two instruments from the early Magic De Spell years were used : George Scarlatos’ black bass “Fender JB” and Thanasis Scarlatos’ synthesizer “Korg MS-20”…
Release Date: 2013-04-27
Available at 12 €SOLD OUT
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