Geheimnis Records' next stop is a band that never released anything in the past (apart from 2 participations in compilation albums, one in the past and the other to our "Fruits of Wrath" compilation).
"Winter Watercolors" were active between the years 1984 - 1988. They recorded a few songs that never reached the vinyl groove destination.
December 2016 : Geheimnis Records proudly presents their first album/compilation of their lost tracks, in 288 hand-numbered copies, 109 on transparent orange and 179 on black vinyl.


Magic De Spell's second full album will be released on May 27th, in 300 hand-numbered copies, half of them on black and half on clear transparent vinyl. Remastered from the original master tapes by Chris Manolitsis, the man who was also responsible for the original recordings. The edition will include 2 postcards, one is an actual replica of the 1984 live gig promotional flyer at “Akadimos” theatre and a second which is a promotional photo of the band from that era (1984.


February is traditionally one of our favourite months. It's the centre of the Winter. Cold and frozen. And this is the perfect time to present the debut album of a cold wave / minimal dark duet from the prominent underground scene of Berlin. Monowelt have started up their trip in 2012. They consist of 2 cursed females, Marta Raya & Daria Leere... Minimalistic dark/synth wave with exceptional melodies and haunting voices. Claustrophobic and obscure, wet, cold and beautiful... Their first ever appearance with the track "Ozean" was made through our "Synthetic Soundscapes of Modern Urban Morality" compilation and now it's time for their first ever LP, on vinyl of course, in 300 hand-numbered copies, half of them on black and half on clear transparent vinyl. Includes insert with lyrics and credits and a download code for digital downloading.
Special thanks to William Maybelline (Lebanon Hanover) for his helping hand (recordings) and Chris Manolitsis for the final mixes.
Pre-order available through our site and discogs!
Official release date : 18.2.2016

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