Announcement Vol.2 : After the new covid-19 measures (Xmas edition), the shitty situation will go on and the apocalyptic atmosphere is here to stay. Well, it's time to go back in time with our next release, presenting a band which depicts our dystopian society. The year is 1987, Ding An Sich emerged from the Athenian underground, played a lot of gigs, released a 7inch and evaporated (with this specific line-up) in 1992.
Their dark wave/gothic era will come to life 28 years after their catastrophic split, on December 17th, 2020, in 355 hand-numbered copies, 174 on transparent violet and 181 on classic black vinyl.


Some important announcements ; Vol.1 : A lot of people and record stores still searching for "Γεμάτος Αράχνες,Ρε Φίλε" / "Gematos Arahnes, Re File" LP after its super fast sold-out in November.
For your convenience we will have a 300 copies reprint in March 2021. Due to the covid-19 issues, the printing plant couldn't deliver it earlier than this.


It's Autumn 2020. Covid-19, pandemia, global crisis (social & financial), state of emergency and strict measures. What the hell can go even more wrong than this!!???
Well, you haven't yet take a crack at the Big Spiders' attack...!!! A bunch of weirdos (Lore, Antonakis and Tumult) introduce us with this synth-horror-punk record, which was released last year on tape format and on October 31st, 2020, we'll present it to you on 322 hand-numbered vinyl copies, half on black and half on transparent yellow vinyl.
We think that it matches perfectly with the hectic situation and the Halloween aesthetics.
Gloomy, dark, ironic, hellish and sarcastic.
In Greek it's "Γεμάτος Αράχνες, Ρε Φίλε!" but you can call them "(I'm) Full of Spiders, Man!"

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